We are scout & attack aviators. We can teach you to operate any scout-attack platform, but what makes our team unique is our understanding of these mission sets, our ability to work in tandem with ground forces, and our unyielding focus on mission success.

Our team-members training in an MD 530 in Afghanistan.

Our team-members training in an MD 530 in Afghanistan.

This is our niche.

We are not pilots and maintainers from other missions that also happen to have some experience in the scout-attack role. We are the subject matter experts of these aircraft and their combat employment. Our team of instructor pilots and maintenance test pilots each have thousands of combat flight hours in scout-attack helicopters. Our team will create a unique program designed to fit any customer, with flexibility for tailored timelines, locations, and budgets.

We provide a complete rotary wing flight training package. Our Certified Flight Instructors will train your personnel to fly any scout-attack helicopter and build them into effective aviators.

In basic flight training, we instruct in five primary phases, and will thoroughly train everything from preflight best practices to weapons engagement procedures. 

Let us know if you would like to hear more about our basic flight training package and the skill-sets that your aviators will gain.

As with all of our training packages, this basic training can be accomplished anywhere in the world and does not require a formal school-location setup.