Our team of instructor pilots are battle-hardened combat aviators with thousands of combat flight hours.  They are experts in scout-attack tactics, techniques, and procedures. We will build your team of aviators into tactically-sound aeroscouts & attack aviators. 

In the advanced flight training package, our instructors will focus on complex weapons employment, reconnaissance tactics, and security tactics. We will hone all skills related to the mission-set and take your aviators to the next level in capabilities.

Our team-members flying an MD 530 in Afghanistan.

Our team-members flying an MD 530 in Afghanistan.

reconnaissance tactics

  • Air & Ground Route recon
  • Area & Zone recon
  • Landing Zone recon
  • ISR utilization & integration

Security TACTICS

  • Screen
  • Convoy security
  • Air assault & cordon/search security

Additional Advanced Training

  • Air-Ground Integration
  • Air-Land rapid deployment
  • Downed aircraft & recovery 
  • Combat vehicle identification
  • Formation and advanced engagements
  • Mixed-airframe missions
  • Movement techniques
  • Combatting air threats
  • Counter-IED techniques
  • Calls for Fire

As with all of our training packages, this advanced training can be accomplished anywhere in the world and does not require a formal school-location setup. 

The CEO of CAV in a "Pink Team" at FOB Salerno, Afghanistan. 2011